MakeVM is a service for storing disk images for virtual machines. It provides an API for accessing disks in the browser. The service was specifically designed for js-dos to run large games and programs based on the Windows OS.

Key features of MakeVM:

  • Disk cloning capability (fork)

  • Free read access

  • Unlimited number of disks and their copies

  • Seamless integration with js-dos

Disk cloning (fork)

MakeVM acts as a repository of disks, allowing you to choose any available disk and make a copy of it. However, to do this, you need to be registered on the js-dos platform and have a premium subscription.

To register or log in, use the icon in the top right corner. You will need to provide your email and password.

After successful authentication, you will see a list of all your disks.

Own drive listYou can open disks, clone them, and delete them.

To clone a disk, you need to have an active premium subscription to js-dos. To subscribe to premium, open any website that uses js-dos, such as, and purchase a subscription in your account settings.

Premium subscription is required for disk cloning and writing.